DevelopmentThrough our contacts with a wide user community of active operators in both special operations and regular duty in countries all over the globe, we are fully aware of their needs and problems.
During our long years teaching a wide range of personnel in various countries, we have often heard complaints from the operators we teach about weapons, tools and equipment.
We continuously channel that input into product development and feedback. And if we do not find any product satisfying our needs, we develop our products ourselves. That brings out a line of products that are highly effective, offer tactical advantage, are easy to use, and are the ones we would always want with us on missions and operations. And so do our clients.

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Once a while, a great product comes along. One that really changes the way of work for professionals that have to deal with high stress, fast decision making and dangerous situations. In that line of work, users want the best product they can find, highly reliable and most effective. Those outstanding products we also use in training and teach with in our seminars. And we of course recommend them to our clients. Those products are labels with our „APPROVED“-Logo, to show our support and recommendation. If you would like to get your product APPROVED, please contact us for details.

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