Women are quite often the targets of crime. Yet naturally, without this being a cliché, women are generally not as strong as and weigh less than the usual male attacker.
A concept of self-protection for women is not a martial art, nor do we endorse typical martial arts classes as self defence for women. We teach you an effective, real and easy system for women to prevent and fend off attacks.


For members of families, the most important thing in life is to be sure their loved ones are safe and secure.
Yet families are vulnerable to all kinds of incidents. That means taking precautions to secure family members against violent encounters and harassment. But it also includes skill sets such as first aid, basic life support for older relatives and infants, educating children in counter-procedures against harassment, securing your home, picking safe paths to school and much more.
LAHNER ACADEMY offers you a complete concept for securing your family. This covers all aspects of technical help and skills to deal with emergencies such as fire, accidents and medical issues.
It continues to educate families on methods of self-protection against attackers, but it also covers the wide-ranging topic of prevention:
What measures should you take to protect your family’s privacy? How should you deal with today´s internet threats to your family? What should you do when being stalked? And how can you enable children to protect themselves?


Children are the weakest and most vulnerable members of todays society.
Eroding structures, lack of ethical values and criminal elements are putting children in the role of easy targets.
We teach mental and physical empowerment, defensive behavior and prevention strategies that help children take care of themselves in critical situations.
This is not a martial art class, but a whole concept of educating children and giving them the power to take care of themselves.

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