Defensive concepts for martial artists

You are already familiar with a variety of complex movements, and you are willing to train.
However, did you ever fear that your skills might not be the only tools you need to survive a violent encounter on the street or to protect yourself and your loved ones?

Part of the problem is that martial arts provide a great way of developing a personality, finding a way in life – and they are fun. But most martial artists fail when confronted with violent and reckless criminals and street thugs.
Because the attack is so sudden, so violent and so overwhelming that all the fine and complex motor skills fail. The amount of energy and movement is so huge, that all the practised techniques will just disappear against a fighting and non-cooperative attacker.

Then there are environmental factors such as limited space, uneven ground and even weapons used. In reality it is not about fighting fair. It is about doing what needs to be done to get out of an attack as quickly and as safely as possible while obeying the law.
If this means using a tool or improvised weapons, than it is good to know how to do so.

To resolve a conflict on the street successfully, certain psychological as well as physiological principles need to be understood and put into place.
For example, even trained martial artists will never be able to block a combination of punches in real time. This means that even blocking and defence concepts need to be retrained or at least modified.

This course is not about changing your entire history of martial arts training.
In fact it is designed to give you the tools within your martial arts skills to apply them effectively in real-world scenarios. It can be the defensive and realistic system within your art, the defensive part of your skill set.

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