LAHNER ACADEMY is a leading company in tactical training for law enforcement, military and security personnel in Europe. We are highly specialised in Extreme Close Quarters with distances ranging from 0 to 5 metres. That is exactly the distance where traditional concepts often fail, but where most of the real life- conflicts happen.
The vast majority of problems take place inside rooms, in rural areas, during urban warfare, counter-terrorism-warfare, at security gates, on patrol duty, and even inside cars. We deal exactly with that.

What has been true for police-style work for a long time, is already a fact in military operations as well. Very rarely does anyone face an armed opponent at a distance. Yet classical techniques fail at such close ranges. Our concepts ensure a much higher survivability in combat.



Some of the topics that might be of interest for you

Extreme Close Quarter Shooting will teach you the use of firearms (from pistols to submachine guns as well as rifles) at very close ranges and in confined spaces. The integrated ECQ-Shooting concepts provide effective solutions between 0-5 metres, against both armed (blade, firearm, impact weapon) as well as unarmed adversaries.

Tatical Knife

Tactical Knife teaches the usage of bladed weapons for combat. This can be the tactical fighting knife for the soldier who finds himself cornered or pinned down, experiences a weapon malfunction or for other reasons. It also could be an officer or member of a personnel protection detail, in a situation where it is not possible to fire a gun due to the presence of innocent bystanders, tactical advantage or hazardous material. Ending up on the ground is another scenario where edged weapons give you the upper hand again to fight your way back up to your feet and transition to a firearm from there.

Edged Weapon

Edged Weapon Awareness deals with knife-wielding attackers. Blades are extremely dangerous at close ranges. Just shooting will never get you a chance to survive. In fact, within 5-7 metres, an attacker with a knife can kill a soldier or officer. That lesson teaches you to deal with blades, create a time window to transition to your primary weapon and negotiate the threat.

Tactical Baton

This course will change the way you use the baton. While classical baton training deals with striking to make persons comply, this course will show you how to fight effectively with the baton. It will teach you to deal with attacks, using the baton in closed and confined spaces. You will train how to apply takedowns that really work on the streets, and teach the interface of baton to other use of force tools and weapons.

There are many other interesting topics available, as well as special programmes tailored to your specific needs.

Other topics 5 meter and beyond:

Of course, the concept of ZERO TO FIVE / 0-5 also is valid when working in teams. Since most small unit tactics are in urban environments and confined spaces, all principles still apply.
Once we step outside five meters, we cover all other distances, tactics and approaches, including  driving skills, sniping, room entries and so on and so forth.

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