Cabin Crew Security

The psychological impact of attacking an aircraft is so huge that it will always be a target for terrorism and disturbed persons alike.
The financial loss in case of an event is enormous, due to the multitude of factors, including loss of aircraft, payment to passengers and their families, loss of faith in the airline and reduction in transport figures.

Even statistics by the TSA itself show that ground procedures will never be able to prevent attacks. The sad truth is that even at major airports with a maximum investment in security technology and screening, testers were able to board planes with dangerous goods, weapons and explosives in up to 80% of cases.
While one cannot abandon ground procedures, it is clear that the very last line of defence that will always be in place will be the cabin crew on board. So it makes sense to train them.

Terrorism aside, there is another much more common problem with unruly passengers that could potentially be a threat to the crew, the other passengers and the aircraft alike.
Dealing with unruly and dangerous passengers in the confined spaces of an aircraft is difficult. Furthermore, the flight attendants are usually neither able-bodied nor combat-minded and therefore able to deal with the problem accordingly.

While analysing security programmes we sadly discovered that obsolete teaching schemes prevent catching up with today´s threat situations and reality. So we have developed an innovative and reality-based concept that is easy to learn and really works. Especially for regular people, not special forces personal.
We empower them to save your aircraft, your employees and most importantly your passengers!

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