In a global economy, not only government institutions but especially companies are the main targets of terrorist attacks and organised violence.
The consequences of a terrorist attack are huge. The primary loss in the first few minutes (loss of life, damage to property) is followed by secondary effects with often long-term impact (breakdown of infrastructure, loss of production, environmental disaster), as well as financial loss and damaged image.

Potential targets often are only protected against simple classical attacks like vandalism, espionage or theft.
Protection against terrorism and organised violence requires special skills in terrorism-related risk management and is much more complex than traditional security. In addition to classic approaches, overall anti-terrorism planning consists of concepts regarding operative security, protective counter-intelligence, strategic threat assessment, and post-incident procedures.

Risk ManagementWe at LAHNER ACADEMY see terrorism as a source of risk in a risk-management process. A threat assessment, vulnerability assessment and special analytical tools lead to the development of a security concept that allows for specifics and the needs of the individual company.

We strongly believe that the most valuable tool to prevent attacks is sound education of the personnel at the very front line. If guards at the gate, the officer on the street and the secretary know what to look for, they can detect signs of an imminent threat very early.

Educating all personnel involved at the frontline greatly reduces the risk.

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