We offer both hands- on training as well as classroom lectures in security-related topics.
These range from anti-terrorism-related content, tactical training and CQB, safety and security lectures to defensive tactics, all the way to personal safety training.

There are multiple ways to study and learn with LAHNER ACADEMY.

  • Typically, we do in-house trainings, in your department, base, class, club, organisation, school or similar. Please feel free to contact us for more information on that. We will make sure, we will find a training, tailored to your wishes and needs.
  • You are an event manager or looking to offer training in your school, gym, festival or other entity? We will be more than happy to come to you, and make your event an unforgettable and unique learning experience.
  • Starting in Summer 2014, we will offer seminars and trainings in our brand new training centre in Germany.
  • If you look to market your school, institution or products through our training, we assure you organising training events is the way to go. Please contact us for details.



There is a wide scope of topics being offered by LAHNER ACADEMY. We always make sure, the training is tailored to your specific needs. To give you an idea of what we can do for you, here are some typical trainings for specific groups:

ZERO TO FIVE (0-5) / Extreme Close Quarter Tactics

We do teach the full spectrum form sniping to CQB. But our core speciality lies in concepts at Extreme Close Quarters, ranging from 0 to 5 metres.
That is exactly the distance where traditional concepts often fail, but where most of the real-life conflicts happen.

zero to five logoThat is true for all professionals operating in urban environments, inside buildings, in vehicles and aircrafts and even for most special-operation personnel on their missions as well as regular soldiers and officers. And of course this holds true for civilians and regular people.

As the first company in Europe we have made the Extreme Close Range distances into our area of expertise, and have developed this skill as our core training doctrine, because that is the distance where you will need to do your job.
We call the concept “0-5” or “ZERO to FIVE”.

Our concepts are innovative, modern and uncompromising. We have thought the solutions for Extreme Close Quarter Distances through to the end, and have not allowed ourselves to be misled by so-called "authorities" and doctrines.
We adopt a realistic approach and abandon training scars and so-called tactics that were the result of decades of training without much-needed controls. In fact most of what is taught today in close ranges is a result of the martial arts Dojo myth and training regulations rather than a logical analysis of reality.
One of the important foundations of “0-5” is the transfer of skills and concepts. That means, if the concept is employed for utilizing your firearm, it should transfer seamlessly to the use of the knife, the baton, flashlights, empty hands and so on.
Since the operator does not have to chance the system of usage when transitioning to another weapon or tool, it makes it much more useful under stress, much easier and quicker to learn and as such more efficient both in combat and from a financial point of view. Furthermore, our clients have found that the ability to negotiate threats at close ranges is a big booster for self confidence and combat effectiveness.

For civilian use the same principles apply as for airline cabin crews, management staff when traveling, or whoever is in need of defensive skills. Since it is very easy and quick to learn, and is effective without huge amounts of strength, it is the defensive combat of choice for a wide variety of personnel.
Our training courses in Extreme Close Quarter Shooting, Tactical Knife, Edged Weapon Awareness, Tactical Baton and other skills are among the most sought-after training courses in Europe and throughout the world. We have taught these classes to regular personnel as well as to special operations units everywhere with very good results.
The civilian version covers the security needs of management staff in international companies and protects critical infrastructure and transportation all over Europe and around the globe.

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