Concepts and Tactics

Experienced operators know that it is easy to become complacent, or to be caught up in routine and habits. When a tactical problem then hits the unit, it is usually too late.
In over a decade of teaching and training to different kinds of agencies and forces, we have seen lots of different approaches, and also have a wide network. We also have seen different tools be used for different jobs.
We analyse tactical and conceptual difficulties, or smoothen out your tactics. Working all around the globe, we can offer new input and different perspectives, all of course without violating OPSEC.
Every time our clients bring us in to help working on procedures, training and tactics, we immediately trigger improvement towards easier, more safe solutions and higher effectiveness.

Tools and Equipment

As a unit or agency, it is hard to keep track of all the new products, tools and equipment hitting the market every year. And usually when talking to manufacturers you get a lesson in PR.
Working internationally and keeping track of the market, we usually have a chance to test  new products, or even having real world experience with them.
If you are looking for a tool helping you in a specific task, we are able to advise you on choices and recommend products. And we only recommend, what we really are convinced of.

Anti-Terrorism Consulting

Risk ManagementIn a global economy, not only government institutions but especially companies are the main targets of terrorist attacks and organised violence. Protection against terrorism and organised violence requires special skills in terrorism-related risk management and is much more complex than traditional security. In addition to classic approaches, overall anti-terrorism planning consists of concepts regarding operative security, protective counter-intelligence, strategic threat assessment, and post-incident procedures.
We at LAHNER ACADEMY see terrorism as a source of risk in a risk-management process. A threat assessment, vulnerability assessment and special analytical tools lead to the development of a security concept that allows for specifics and the needs of the individual company.

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