Florian Lahner

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Having trained in defensive and combat systems since his early youth, Florian Lahner holds various degrees in both combative and tactical systems as well as high-level instructor certifications.
Florian Lahner is also a certified Anti-Terrorism Officer and provides anti-terrorism-related consultancy services for governments, companies and critical infrastructure. Lahner was one of the first ATOs in Europe and has continued to sharpen his skills since then by gaining certifications in related topics.

Florian Lahner bridges the gap between civilians and professionals in the law enforcement, military and security community. His teaching ranges from defence classes for women and self-protection via street-based empty-hand skills for security to extreme close quarter shooting and small team tactics for special operation groups.

He is one of the leading instructors in the tactical community when it comes to delivering knowledge and innovative training. He focuses especially on combat ranges of under 5 metres, a distance that is very likely to be encountered in today’s operations in combat zones as well as LEO missions.
His classes ”Edged Weapon Awareness for Law Enforcement Officers”, ”Tactical Knife“ and ”Extreme Close Quarter Shooting“ in particular are currently receiving outstanding feedback from all over the world.

Our concepts have been made SOP and are being used officially by numerous departments and units in Europe.
With his long-term experience of teaching and training, Florian Lahner now offers his contacts and network for your benefit.


Our staff of instructors are selected professionals who all have been or still are on active duty in the military and law enforcement community.
They have extensive experience working with different groups in different regions and countries. All of them are hand-picked by Florian Lahner, trained extensively under him and all of them also bring their own experience and special skills from their units and their history of training to the LAHNER ACADEMY.


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