We set ourselves apart from others by using the latest technologies and concepts based on an innovative and uncompromising approach.
After originally operating for over 12 years as LAHNER - Tactical Concepts, one of the foremost companies in Europe, we have now taken the next step up by expanding to offer a broader set of services through the LAHNER ACADEMY.

Education and training – based on innovative, modern approaches:

The new LAHNER ACADEMY is a platform operated by top instructors and experts in the field. Its knowledge base and experience are unmatched. Accordingly, we can offer the entire spectrum of topics and services, in line with our clients ’ needs. We take great pride in doing things differently. Where others still stick to old-school techniques, we use the most innovative and practical concepts. We know that you cannot afford to stop learning and developing. That is why we adopt a different approach: more practical, more realistic, more effective. As a result we get excellent feedback, and our concepts are in use and taught by LEO and military units, special units and schools throughout Europe and other parts of the world.

Development and Marketing:

Being exposed to a wide user community of active operators in both special operations and regular duty in countries all over the globe, we are very well aware of their needs and problems. We continuously channel that input into product development, both done by ourselves as well as client companies.
Going the opposite direction as well, we bring our clients prototypes and products into the real world to units and operators. We collect feedback, analyze problems and work out recommendations. The data we got out of that is fed back to the client and assist in making the products even better and more useful to the target group.
Products always should help the users do their jobs better and more safe. User acceptance nowadays is a paramount key to win tenders and sell to professionals. We found that there is no better way of marketing than exposing the users to first hand experience with our clients products. We only give training, demonstrations and recommendations on products we approve. We owe that to both our industry clients as well as our operators in our trainings.

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